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Hi, I'm Alyssa. You may know me as Cynder09 on darkSpyro, or Cyndra on Skype. I love to write stories and role play, so I'm usually doing that. I do hope to be a professional author someday. I have a couple of stories uploaded if you want to check them out. Feedback is appreciated. If you want to chat, feel free to comment or message me. I'll talk to just about anyone who wants to talk, and I won't be rude or bite or anything. In fact, my bark is worse than my bite, and trust me, my bark is pretty quiet. Anyway, just make yourself at home here. Feel free to check out my favorites section or my gallery. I'll probably be lurking around, just looking for something to do.
I got this from BlunaBeast.

The Rules::..


Choose one of your original characters (OC) or fan characters (FC).


Make them answer the following questions.

Then tag three people.


Feel free to add some questions of your own.

Nadia Pryde
(Abby is just here for moral support and to prevent Nadia from killing the interviewer.)

What gender are you?
"I don't see why that's important, or why you can't tell."
"Nadia, just answer the question."
"Ugh, fine, Abby. I'm female."

What is your age?
"Oh, look, another pointless question."
"Would you just play along?"
"I'm 25."
"Now, see? Was that so hard?"

Do you want a hug?
"Do you want a beating?"
"Nadia, be nice. Don't hurt the interviewer."
"I'm not responsible for any stupid stunt he tries to pull."
"But I am responsible for any stupid stunt YOU try to pull."

Do you have any bad habits?
"Where would you like to start? I've got a whole list."
"Abby, don't you dare--"
"She's short-tempered, she's destructive, she picks too many fights--"
"Abby, enough!"

What is your job, if you have one?
"I hunt things. And kill them."
"But only animals for food. It's not like she goes around killing other people.... Hehe... I swear she's not as bad as she seems."
"Yeah, I hunt animals for food, but that's not the only thing. Abby, you know, you've gone out hunting with me before. Remember?"
"I have no idea what she's talking about. She's just a nice, normal person."

What is your favorite food?
"I love meat. Pretty much any kind of meat. But deer would be my favorite."
"I love fish. Especially tuna. Mmmm.... Tuna...."
"Abby, snap out of it. You're starting to drool."

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
"Eh, I'm pretty much fine with any. But I guess something with chocolate."
"I'm happy with classic vanilla."

Have you killed anyone?
"More than I can count. You want to hear some stories of blood, guts, and glory?"
"Haha, oh, Nadia, stop it with all your jokes a--and stories... You're going to scare him off with all the... Fake... Answers...."
"What are you talking about? I kill something about every night, usually several times a night. It's what I do."
"And this is why you don't have any friends."

Do you hate anyone?
"Vampcreatures! Those blood-sucking ********!"
"Nadia, language."
"Oh, come on, I curse all the time."
"But at least be polite to the interviewer."
"Why? I'm never polite to anyone else."
"Yeah, that's the problem."

Do you have any secrets?
"If I did, I wouldn't tell you."
"Ooh, I know, I know! I know everything about her, all her secrets, and quirks, and bad habits, and everything else. What do you want to know? She's really nice when you get to know her."
"Abby, I will pay you in fish to shut up right now."

What is your favorite season?
"Shrug. I dunno. Don't really have a favorite."
"I personally prefer Spring or Summer. I like warm weather. I hate the cold, but Nadia likes it."

Who is your best friend(s)?
"My sister."
"Aww, Nadia! See? I told you she was sweet!"
"Abby, shut up. And stop hugging me."
"Oh, great. Now she's purring. Stop it."
"Come on, you know you love me."

What are your hobbies?
"Training, hunting, fighting, killing things..."
"Nadia, stop it. You're making yourself sound terrible. She also likes swimming, video games, playing guitar, just about any kind of sport, and also hanging out with me."

What is your favorite drink?
"Water is fine."
"Ooh, milk! I love milk! Do you have some?"

When is your birthday?
"March 25."
"She's an Aries."
"No one cares."

Are you nice or mean?
"Ask anyone who's met me, and they'll say I'm pretty mean."
"But don't bother asking any of them, 'cause all those people are completely wrong. They should just all.... Go... Jump in a lake... Or something, because Nadia is one of the nicest people I know."
"Abby, that's sweet, but stop lying."

Are you social or shy?
"Neither. I ain't shy. I just don't like people. And they don't like me. But that works out just fine so long as they don't go bothering me."
"The people would like her, because she's a great person. Trust me. She just has a habit of making a bad first impression."
"A very bad impression. They hate me."
"No, they're just scared--Er, intimidated. They just have a hard time looking past some of her, uh.... Flaws..."

What do you think of your parents?
"They were great. Mom was nice, so long as she wasn't forcing me to do something I didn't want to do. And Dad was awesome, a classic badass."
"Yeah... They were amazing...."

What's your weakness?
"I ain't telling you nothing, 'cause I don't got any!"
"We should drop this subject and move on quickly."

What do you do on a regular day basis?
"Train, hunt, fight, kill things..."
"Hang out with me, protect me from the smallest threat even though I can take care of myself, drive me crazy with all the trouble she causes, keep me busy with all the broken stuff that I have to fix, force me to play mediator between her and everyone else she comes across..."

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
"Of course. I have a younger sister."
"Uh, Nadia, that's platonically. You forgot romantically."
"I forgot nothing. That's none of his damn business. I ain't got a love life anyway."
"But what about--"
"Shut up, Abby!"

When was the last time you wet yourself?
"What the ****? What's that supposed to mean?! You're about to be wet with blood if you--"
"Nadia, stop! You promised you wouldn't attack him!"
"I promised nothing!"
"Well, I promised for you, so calm down and get back in your seat! We'll ignore this one..."

"Nadia, what did you do?!"
"Nothing! I'm calm and sat back down, see? I didn't touch him! He's just insane, if you ask me."
"Well, I didn't. Just... Don't scare him."
"And how am I supposed to NOT do that?"
"Oh, I don't know, maybe by not yelling and jumping out of your seat while making death threats!"
"......Point taken."

What's your favorite band?
"Don't really think I have a favorite."
"Pick a rock band. Any rock band."

Ever worn a dress?
"Ever been kicked in the groin?"
"Nadia, no more threats!"
"Then tell him to stop being stupid!"
"Sigh.... What am I going to do with you?"
"Me?! He's the problem!"

"Would you like to be beaten to a bloody--"
"You're doing it again. Stop that."

I know you have...
"I will end you, and it will not be pre--"
"Nadia, what have I told you about the threats?"
"Don't make 'em?"
"And enough of the attitude."

What do you consider fun during the day?
"Sleeping. I'm nocturnal. Duh."
"And how would he have known that?"
"My point exactly."

At night?
"Pretty sure we've been through this about a million times by now, or do you want to be next on my list to be ki--"
"There you go again, making empty threats."
"They're not empty. I fully intend on making them happen."
"I know, which is why I can't let you do that."

Ever kissed anyone?
"What's it to ya whether I have or not?!"
"She has."

...Of the same sex?
"Is there something you haven't told me?"
".....No comment..."

Does anyone love you?
"Yes! Me! Obviously! And everyone else should, too."
"Abby, stop being adorable."

What's your favorite color(s)?
"Black. Just black."
"But she does like red, and she has worn blue before."

When was the last time you cried?
"Never. I don't cry."
"But what about that time when--"
"No! I. Don't. Cry!"

Do you have a pet?
"Why would I have a pet? That's just weird."
"Do adorable werecats who are also sisters count?"
"No. They're too annoying to be good pets."

Are you crazy?
"You implying that I am?!"
"Yes. She is. And everyone knows it, too."
"Takes one to know one, sis."

What are you?
"A weretiger."
"Seems like this question should have come up a lot sooner."
"Nobody asked for your opinion, Abby."

What's your nickname?
"Well, the people I've met have called me a beast, a monster, a black demon 'cause I usually wear a lot of black leather, they've also just called me tiger or tigress...."
"None of those are actual nicknames, though, and she kinda hates all of them. Just call her Nadia. After all, she's not a monster or anything."

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
"I consider myself to be mostly annoyed and pissed off."
"But she can be cheerful sometimes."
"Yeah, I guess. I do love hunting."
"Could you just try to go five seconds without mentioning how much you like to kill things or beat them up?"

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
"Nadia, don't be smug."
"Fine. Then Dad."
"I think he meant fictional superheroes."
"None of those fake losers are as cool as Dad was, and that also makes me cooler than them by default."

Favorite movie?
"I don't spend a lot of time watching movies."
"Ooh, there was this one movie I loved as a kid! Everybody wans to be a cat, 'cause a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at."
"Abby, stop singing that dumb old song."
"It's not dumb and it's not old. It's a classic."

What is your current occupation?
"Ugh, this again?! I hunt and kill things! How many times do you want me to say it?!"
"Now, Nadia, calm down. Maybe he has short-term memory loss or something."
"Well, if he's broken in the head, then fix him."
"Nadia, I'm a healer, not a psychiatrist."

Who do you know that bugs you?
"You know, she wouldn't intentionally provoke you if she couldn't get a rise out of you every single time. Maybe you should work on controlling your temper."
"Maybe you should work on controlling that so-called friend of your's."
"She's your friend, too, Nadia."
"Like I'd want to be friends with that arrogant, prissy, no-good, little b--"
"Nadia, that's enough. Don't let her bother you when she's not even here."

Ever think about getting married?
"Pfft, no. Like I have time to worry about that nonsense."
"But what about--"
"That ain't important!"

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