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Hi, I'm Alyssa. You may know me as Cynder09 on darkSpyro, or Cyndra on Skype. I love to write stories and role play, so I'm usually doing that. I do hope to be a professional author someday. I have a couple of stories uploaded if you want to check them out. Feedback is appreciated. If you want to chat, feel free to comment or message me. I'll talk to just about anyone who wants to talk, and I won't be rude or bite or anything. In fact, my bark is worse than my bite, and trust me, my bark is pretty quiet. Anyway, just make yourself at home here. Feel free to check out my favorites section or my gallery. I'll probably be lurking around, just looking for something to do.
So lately I've been working on a new idea I had. I thought it might be fun to make an entirely new species for no reason whatsoever. So I started flipping through my D&D Monster Manual for inspiration. I found this lion centaur thing that looked pretty cool. It was basically like a regular centaur, but a lion instead of a horse. Anyway, I don't already have a centaur character, so I thought it'd be cool to make one, but I wanted mine to be more unique. So I decided to just take the basic anatomy of a centaur as a sort of base and just combine several different animals for a completely unique species. Although there's technically only one of the species, since I decided to have him be created in a lab. 

What I basically ended up with was a sort of part raptor, part cheetah thing, with traits from other creatures as well. It is completely feathered. It has a human torso at the neck of the cheetah-like body. It has a velociraptor head with a peregrine falcon beak and impala horns. The human arms are similar to the winglike arms of a anatomically correct velociraptor. Instead of hands, it has falcon talons. It's legs are like a cheetah's, but it has velociraptor claws. It has a velociraptor tail with porcupine quills. Unlike a real porcupine, it can shoot these quills by swinging its tail. It has a poison dart frog color pattern, with black for the main body, orange streaks on the body, and blue legs and arms with a dark spot pattern. 

There's only one thing I need now for the design. A visible reference of it. Problem is, I can't draw to save my life. I couldn't even attempt to draw this thing. But I really need to see what it actually looks like. I want to know if it actually looks cool, or if I should kill it with fire. What I need is some brave, talented artist who would actually be willing to take on the challenge of trying to draw this thing. Anyone interested in giving it a shot?

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